My contribution to Open Source - June 2022


This is the list of the contributions:

  • python-cassandra-dirver: New upstream release 3.25.0. Uploaded to unstable by

  • myst-parser. New upstream release 0.17.2. Uploaded by

  • python-mitogen: New upstream release 0.3.2. Uploaded by

  • python3-flask-jwt-extended: New usptream release 4.4.1. Uploaded to unstable

  • jupyter-packaging: New upstream release 0.12.1. Uploaded to unstable

  • scalene: New upstream release 1.5.8. Waiting for review.

  • myst-parser: New usptream release 0.18.0. Uploaded to unstable.

  • mdurl: Package update, and fix #1013191. No upload needed yet.

  • monty: New usptream release 2022.4.26. Start building documentation instead of using the pre build documentation. Waiting for sponsorship.

  • jupyter-packaging: New upstream release 0.12.2. Uploaded to unstable.

  • python-scp: New upstream release 0.14.4. Waiting for sponsorship.

  • unmask: New upstream release 2.0.0. Waiting for sponsorship

Other projects


  • Clarify buffering args in open() function.