My contribution to Open Source - May 2022


This is the list of the contributions:

  • pylev: New upstream release 1.4.0. Close: #1000440. Uploaded by Jeroen Ploemen.

  • python-blosc: New upstream release 1.10.6. Uploaded by Graham Inggs

  • python-marshmallow-sqlalchemy: New upstream reelease. Uploaded by Jeroen Ploemen.

  • python-cassandra-driver: Working in the new upstream release 3.25.0. Fixing #1000612. Waiting for sponsorship.

  • python-flask-jwt-extended: New upstream release 4.4.0. Uploaded to unstable

  • markdown-it-py: New upstream release 2.1.0. Uploaded to unstable

  • fsspec: New upstream release: 2022.5.0. Uploaded by Jeroen Ploemen

  • jcc: New upstream release 3.12. Uploaded

  • ftputil: New upstream release 5.0.4. Uploaded by Jeroen Ploemen

Other projects

  • python-driver (DataStax): Fix Typos detected by Litnian during the packaging in Debian.