My contribution to Open Source - July 2022


This is the list of the contributions:

  • python-flask-jwt-extended: new usptream release 4.4.2. Uploaded to unstable.

  • python-xlib: new upstream release. Waiting for sponsorhip.

  • monty: new upstream release. Waiting for sponsorship.

  • rust-umask: New upstream release 2.0.0. Uploaded by Sylvestre Ledru

  • poetry-core: New upstream release 1.0.8. Uploaded by Louis-Philippe Véronneau

  • poetry-core: Upload 1.1.0-b3 to experimental. In progress.

  • markdown-it-py: Fix #1013204 whishlist bug. Patch from David Paul was applied.

  • python-marshmallow-sqlalchemy: Update version to 0.28.1. Waiting for sponsorship.

Other projects

Nothing this month :(