My contribution to Open Source - August 2022


This is the list of the contributions:

  • poetry-core: Working in package of beta version: 1.1.0b3. Waiting for sponsorhip.

  • python-flask-jwt-extended: New upstream version 4.4.3. Apply patch to use instead of TestResponse.text. In current version of python-werkzeug this property is not added.

  • monty: Uploaded to unstable by Stefano Rivera. Also monty 2022.4.26+dfsg-1 add documentation package, so this need to go to NEW

  • poetry: New upstream release 1.1.14. Uploaded by Louis-Philippe Véronneau.

  • python-xlib: Working in a new usptream release 0.31. Packaging of the documentation. Uploaded to experimental by Stefano Rivero. Open issue about a tests that is falling in Debian builds.

  • jupyter-packaging: New upstream release 0.12.3. Uploaded to unstable.

  • python-flask-jwt-extended: New upstream 4.4.4. Uploaded to unstable.

Other projects