My contributions to Open Source – November 2020

Working on Debian Python Team on fixing FTBFS for python3.9-defaults. Also:

  • python3-blosc_1.9.2+ds1-1 new upstream release suporting py3.9 (uploaded by: Matthias Klose)

  • python3-skbuild_0.11.1 now in Debian (thanks Matthias Klose)

  • Packaging s2-geometry, waiting for sponsorship

  • python3-molotov: new upstream release 2.0. Waitting for aiodogstatsd

  • python3-aiodogstatsd: packaging and uploaded to unstable (Thanks Matthias Klose)

  • Adopt and move to Debian Python Team of python-requests-toolbelt. Waiting sponsor

Retake the work for package python-poetry on Debian I hope finish it before Debian freeze

Develop simple tool to know if whole dependency of a Python module are missing on Debian

This issue created on python-blosc upstream:

Create a new project: A forums for my University based on flaskbb project.

I participate on PyConAr2020 with the talk «Join to translate the official Python Documentation» <3 \o/ So, in this month I help to python-docs-es, making minor PRs and many translation reviews.(Very happy to be involved on this projects)

Also, we’re almost at the end of the course «Intermidiate Python» for UNLAR.