My contributions to Open Source – December 2020

Better late than never


  • Some works on python-blosc, now is building successfully in testing thanks of Graham Inggs.

  • Work on a new upstream release of python-molotov. But that need aiodogstatsd.

  • Package of aiodogstatsd. Uploaded to unstable (Sponsored by Matthias Klose)

  • Start working hard to package poetry on Debian so:

    • packaging of poetry-core. (Sponsored by Louis-Philippe Véronneau)

    • Work on python-cleo (ITP bug: #958366)

    • Packaging of python-pastel (sponsored by Jonathan Carter)

    • Packaging of python-pylev (sponsored by Jonathan Carter)

    • Packaging of crashtest in NEW (sponsored by Jonathan Carter)

  • Fix #975844 on sphinx-tab 1.2.1+ds-3

Open source

  • 2 open issues on WiFi-EvilTwin:



  • 2 open PR to fix some issues on WiFi-EvilTwin:



  • Some issues open on that upstream want to package its project in Debian.

  • Try to python-molotov upstream start release signature

  • Reviews PR in some projects: python-docs-es, learn-regex and cpython.

  • PR open to fix a possible issue on documentation on cpython mark as stale 🙁

  • Fix minor issues on python-docs-es project:



    • use of pathlib module on

  • An educational project used on the Python Intermediate course that I give on The National University of La Rioja (Argentina) This is a WIP project to mimic tree linux command.

  • Start Unlarnianos projects, a forum for The National University of La Rioja (Argentina) based on FlaskBB

  • Develop of pydebdep, to know the whole python dependency of a project that are not in Debian yet. Used to calculate the calculate work effort to pacakge Poetry on Debian. beta version.