My contributions to Open Source – September/October 2020

I cut my finger’s tendon with a knife, so my contributions was down.

On september

  • Fix typo:

  • Minor change on cpython documentation:

  • Minor fix on cpython documentation

  • Upload flask-jwt-simple to untable. (Debian)

  • Upload flask-jwt-extendend to unstable. (Debian)

  • Ready for upload flask-openid. (Debian)

  • Upload to NEW by Andrius Merkys (thanks!) of palettable. (Debian)

  • Upload to NEW of monty. (Debian)

  • Prepare for release libapache2-mod-python (Debian)

  • Working on python-xlib (debian)

  • Prepare for upload to NEW umask (rust package) (Debian)

  • Working on libcloud (Debian)

  • Working on flask-restful (Debian)

On october

  • Open a issue on blist for python3.9 ftbs

  • Open an issue on pyvows for python3.9 ftbs

  • monty on Debian 🙂

  • Upload flask-openid to unstable by Jonathan Carter (thanks!)

  • Upload python-potr to unstable by Jonathan Carter (thanks!)

  • Upload fsspec to unstable by Matthias Klose (thanks!)

  • Working on s2geometry

  • Upload to NEW and unstable by Matthias Klose (Thanks!)

Also during the hacktoberfest I was help on python-docs-es reviewing PRs and I prepared a talk for PyConAr2020.

Also, I reviewed some CPython PRs and working on PIP projects. I hope be more active on that projects.