My contribution to Free Software - December 2022


This is the list of the contributions:

This are during the Debian Python Sprint:

  • Poetry: New upstream release poetry_1.2.2+dfsg-1. Uploaded to unstable

  • fix packages running tests with “python3 tests” during the Debian Python Sprint 2022:

    • blist: stop run python3 tests

    • flask-basicauth: stop run python3 tests; Stop using pypy module in debhelper sequences; Bump Standards-Version to;

    • pep8: stop run python3 tests; fix autopkgtests; Clarify descriptions binary package (fixing #985883)

    • python-django-ical: stop run python3 tests;

    • python-freesasa: stop run python3 tests;

    • phonenumbers: stop run python3 tests;

  • scalene: New upstream release 1.5.16. Several improves. Closes #1025237, #1023633. Uploaded by Stefano Rivera

  • mdit-py-plugins: New upstream release 0.3.3. Uploaded to unstable.

  • palettable: Update package. Uploaded to unstable.

  • python-blosc: New upstream release 1.11.1. Uploaded to unstable.

  • crashtest: New upstream release 0.4.1. Uploaded to unstable.

  • python-xlib: New upstream release 0.33. Waiting for sponsorship.

Other projects

Sadly no :(.