My contributions to Open Source – October/December 2019

2019 ends and I plan spend more time to FOSS on 2020. So here is my contributions to the end of 2019.

First of all, I can participate on PyConAr 2019 on December PyConAr is the Python Conference on Argentina. This was my first PyConAR, so I was very excited. There, I participate like speaker where I talk about «Python on Debian: from the newbie’s point of view» (video: My slides is on my Github.

On October I participate on the EILAR 2019 (Encuentro Informático Riojano) where thanks of the UNLaR (Universidad Nacional de La Rioja) I make two workshops: 1. Git workshop and 2. Debian packaging. Then I talk about the Free Software community en La Rioja (That I mention on (Note for me: I have to write about the community :-)) I made a constructive criticism of the University, about the use and the courses of private software, that the University give.

I start (well, I try start) a startup called Yaerobi ( to contribute and make open source software.

And in the other hand, I was (I am) focused on the Python 2 Removal Support on Debian. So I could learn a lot of things about Debian packaging and the different problems about that.

So, for this 2020 I plan several things on the FOSS environment:

  • Become Debian Developer

  • Contribute in a depth way to Python

  • Make several courses on La Rioja, Argentina.

  • Make growth the Free software Community in La Rioja.

  • Create Open Data La Rioja

  • Particpate on PyConAR 2020


  • DebConf 2020

  • PyCamp Argentina