My contributions to Open Source – January 2020

Good news! I applied for Debian Maintainer, the process is: jcc advocate me. 🙂

I start working on a ML + Remote sensing application, so I start contribute (just opening issues) on some GIS tools. I am planning package sentinelsat, python-fmask and rios for Debian. Maybe starting with me own PPA.

On Debian I worked fixing issues, and removing Python 2 Support of leaf packages. On February I need to clean up my ITA/ITP packages backlog.

On CPython I send the PR: (still working) to raise an Deprecation Warning when a asyncio object is created with not running loop (more detail

Also I send my first contribution to PyAR (Python Argentina) 🙂 The patch was a very simple solution to add the possibility of use CUIT foreign. Issue: The patch:

I propose for python-stdnum.Was included on this commit.

I open this issue for pyar-asoc Also I open this issue based on #950039 Debian bug.