My contribution to Open Source - March 2022


This is the list of the contributions:

  • citeproc-py: New upstream release 0.6.0. Uploaded by Jeroen Ploemen.

  • fsspec: New upstream release 2022.02.0. Uploaded byJeroen Ploemen.

  • scalene: several improve. Fix of bugs 983655. Uploaded by Nilesh Patra.

  • aiodogstatsd: New upstream release 0.16.0 and severals improve in the Debian package. Uploaded by Nilesh Patra

  • mdurl: Debianize of mdurl. ITP:

  • markdown-it-py: Work in new upstream release 2.0.1. mdurl package is need in Debian before upload.

Other projects

  • filesystem_spec: issue 927 reporting an issue regarding to some tests that failed in Debian build. Possible issue is because the tests run in a host with no-loopback v6.