My contribution to Free Software - February 2024


  • scalene: New upstream release Closes 3 RC bugs: #1037852, #1055725, #1056886.

  • ftputils: New upstream release 5.1.0.

  • python-marshmallow-sqlalchemy: New upstream release 1.0.0.

  • scikit-build-core: New upstream release 0.8.1.

  • monty: New upstream release 2024.2.2.

  • fsspec: New upstream release 2024.2.0

  • pygithub: New upstream release 2.2.0

  • python3-poetry-core: New upstream release 1.9.0. I uploaded to experimental, to test that it does not break any other build. Closes bug #1049669 to allow source rebuild binary packages without errors.

  • gtts: Upload versio 2.5.1-1~bpo12+1 to bookworm-backports to fix RC bug #1030290.

  • scalene: New upstream release 1.5.34.

  • python-cassandra-driver: Stop run autopkgtest in s390x. Fix bug #1064403

  • poetry: Working in 1.8.0.dev0~git20240220.cff4d7d5+dfsg-1. As poetry-core is in version 1.9.0, this break the current poetry version in unstable. I package 1.8.0.dev0 and close the next bugs: #1059356, #1029480 and #1058670. For now uploaded to experimental.

  • python-morris: Fix RC bug #1026584(Python3.12 related work). It was a doctest failed test. And some minor improvements and updates in the package.

Other projects

  • Python ninja-ide: Merge minor PR.