My contribution to Free Software - August 2023


This is the list of the contributions:

  • poetry-core: New upstrem release 1.6.1. Uploaded to unstable.

  • poetry: New upstream release 1.5.1. Uploaded to unstable.

  • python-scp: Version 0.14.5-2. Remove autopkgtest folder that I packaged wrongly.

  • monty: monty 2023.5.8+dfsg-5. Remove python3-torch from Build Depends to avoid build in certain architectures.

  • scikit-build: New upstream release 0.17.6. Fix #1042353.

  • python-requests-toolbelt: New upstream release 1.0.0.

  • jupyter-packaging: Fix FTBFS #1042290

  • poetry: Fix #1050362. This was an issue in the version of python3-poetry-core dependency.

  • shellingham: New upstream release 1.5.3.

Other projects

  • shellingham: Propose patch to fix a failed test. See here.