My contributions to Open Source – May 2020

This will be a very very small entry. I couldn’t spent lot of time to free and open source projects.

I was working on the dateparser respository on salsa Debian. The repository didn’t fulfill with the DPMT policy (no pristine-tar and upstream branch) so I build them and push to Salsa. Also, I was working on the #954907 Debian bug. The dateparser raise a FutureWarning during the build. I open this issue #688 on upstream and this PR699 patch to solve it ( didn’t apply on Debian yet).

We worked on the release of Pycryptodome 3.9.7 on Debian with hntourne <> and josc <>. There was several changes that you can see here:

I worked on the new upstream version of python-hypothesis 5-10.14 but now is on the the 5.16.0 version.

Also, worked on the new upstream release of anorack fixing: #961250.

Minor change on dateparser:

I start working on the Python documentation Spanish Translation making some translation.

Report this issue:

Also I was on the organization of the FLISOL (Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software LIbre) this year the Festival was virtual for COVID-19 reason. But was great! (I will try to add an entry for FLISOL 2020 La Rioja.


  • Continue work on Python Documentation Translation

  • Package Poetry on Debian:

  • FLISOL La RIoja 2020 blog’s entry 🙂