My contributions to Open Source – June 2019

On CPython’s asyncio module for public API the loop parameters for that is deprecated on python 3.8 and planned to remove on 3.10. So, I work on bpo-36373. I divide the work on different PR for each module:,,, For that, a warns message may be launch and should be inform on documentation. Also, the unit tests may wrapped with ``with self.assertWarns(DeprecationWarning)

I start packaging the library: Libcamera ( The salsa repository is: and I create a Github Repository:

Also, I start contribute to escrutinio-social, and I start with a PR adding Travis to the repository. Also, I was make some Code Review and help a little on and

I create a PR on cherrypy fixing the copyright year.

I create a PR to cxxopts library adding a propose of raise a exception. This repository is a library for manage argparse for C++. I create the PR: to fix a segfaults situation (

Also, I fix a example on documentation of flask-pymongo.

Also I make some PR review:

Also I start the Open Data La Rioja (I will make a entry for that)