My contributions to Open Source; February 2021ΒΆ

- Working on pylev 1.2.0-2 fixing [\#980725]( Upload to unstable. (Thanks Stefano Rivera for sponsorship) - Working on python-cassandra-driver 3.24.0-1. Upload to unstable (Thanks Stefano Rivera for sponsorship). - Working on shellinghma 1.3.2-1. Upload to unstable. (Thanks Sergio Durigan Junior for sponsorship) - Working on poetry. Still in progress. - Working on cachy 0.3.0-3. Upload to unstable. (Thanks for Stefano Rivera for sponsorship). - Working on libcloud 3.2.0-2. Fixing [\#81769]( (Thanks Matthias Klose for patch and upload) - Working on python-b2sdk 1.3.0-1. Fixing [\#975721]( and [\#981766]( - Working on flask-jwt-simple. Improve autopkgtest. Uploaded to unstable.
- Intent to adopt successful of cuyo. - Working on cocinelle 1.1.0. Uploaded to unstable. - Fix citeproc-py repository on salsa and add tag.

Open Source

  • Working on indep_free (tool to send me newspaper)

  • Open and fixing here ->

  • Minor improve on documentation on CPython

  • Som reviews of PR on python-docs-es