My contributions to Open Source – February 2020ΒΆ

I’m now Debian Maintainer ( πŸ™‚ so, it’s time to spend more time on Debian. I was working on severels bugs de Debian and I receive uploads permisssions to flask-jwt-simple and flask-jwt-extended ( and Flask jwt simple was my first upload πŸ™‚ ( Also I was trying to clean my backlog tasks I introduce scalene and libcamera to NEW. Also I was working on coccinelle.

I am the coordinate of FLISOL La Rioja 2020, so with help of my University (Marcelo Martinez, Juan Pablo Millicay and Luis Bazan) and the Free and Open Source La Rioja Coomunnity we are organizing this edition of FLISOL. (Now in stand by for the COVID19)

Because of Flisol I was testing EventoL system so, I published some simples issues (#634, #633) and a PR (#635)

Also I still working on deprecate creation of asyncio object when the loop is not running for cpython ( Disscussion here: