My contribution to open source – December 2018

This month I to the next contributions:

  • I reviewed 49 pull request on 2 repositories (This info is extract from Github)

- I opened 7 pull request on 4 repositories:

- CPython:

  • Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long ( open

  • bpo-35609: improve docstring ( This was an improve of the ABC’s docstring. This was closed because propose a better improve.

  • bpo-35616: Change references to ‘4.0’ ( propose of change reference version from 4.0 to 3.9. Still open.

  • Newt:

    • Just littles improve on of newt.

  • scikit-learn:

    • DOC: fix document that fetch_20newsgroups: easy issue to improve documentation.

Just 3 was merged and 2 are open up to date.

Activity on Debian

  • The issue has #2558 been open on python/tornado. Originally, this issue was created by Chris Lamb ( because the docs/ on tonardo had a line that were not reproducible -> copyright = «2009-%s, The Tornado Authors» % time.strftime(«%Y»). For this reason, I created the patch: and open the issue on Tornado’s Github and the patch. This issue was taken and solved by upstream.

I upload to the next packages:

  • sent – simple plaintext presentation tool: We are waiting for new bugs/upstream version to do adopt it officially.

  • python-cassandra – Python driver for Apache Cassandra: New upstream version and close bug.

  • python-impacket – Python module to easily build and dissect network protocols: new upstream version

  • python-github{3} – Access to full Github API v3 from Python{2,3}: new upstream version.

  • python-scp{3} – scp module for paramiko (Python {2,3}): New upstream version.

  • python-pcapy{3} – Python interface to the libpcap packet capture library (Python {2,3}): new upstream version.