Hi! Hacktoberfest is my first hackaton in my life. This is the fifth hackaton organized by digital ocean. The challenge is made 5 PR and you will win a T-Shirt. This year there are 50,000 T-shirt. So, good luck for me :-).

Up to date 2018-10-16:

According to the stats page I contribute with 6/5 repository:

  • sunpy/sunpy

  • socialcopsdev/camelot

  • ManuelGil/Hacktoberfest

  • scikit-learn/scikit-learn

Update 2018-10-30:

Hacktoberfest was finish! And I can complete the challenge. This was my first hackhaton in my life and it was great! It help me to know a lot of open source project that are very interesting.

In the last week Digital Ocean send my a mail to let me know that I complete the challenge and that I win a T-Shirt. So, now is time to wait for it (more or less I have to wait a month). I wish that my next hackhaton be in person.

I finished the Hackhaton with the next contributions: